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Rebar & PEX Radient Tubing

InsulRaft is a high-performance foundation system ideal for PassivHaus and energy-efficient building projects. InsulRaft offers 5 thicknesses of EPS insulation to meet your needs. Our fully engineered system surrounds your on-grade or sub-grade concrete slab with a 6″(R23), 8″(R30), 10″(R39), 12″(R46) or 16″(R59) thick layer of EPS insulation.  This system will help you stay warm and energy secure in the coldest of Canadian climates.

InsulRaft will work with you or your architects to ensure your foundation meets building size, heating needs, and PassivHaus requirements. Our team can provide installation support and training upon request to contractors looking to become installers of an efficient and affordable building system.

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